Patrick Lynch

Equity Partner | Client Champion

eXp Realty Illinois

About Patrick Lynch

Now more than ever, you need an Agent you can trust. As a buyer or seller of a home, condo, rental property or townhouse, you have been empowered by the information, charts, photos and floor plans about real estate available to you on the Internet. Everything from charts, comps, photos, floor plans, video, calculators and virtual tours are out there. It's abundant, it's endless and most times than not, it's overwhelming. Yet, this feeling of empowerment can be misleading. How do you make sense of it all? What's relevant or not? That's where I come in! I provide a comprehensive package of services that are designed to fit your needs, mindful that one size does not fit all. I cater my services based on each clients' set of circumstances, goals and timelines. This includes a formal Initial Consultation during which I delve into with great detail to determine which services are needed, while ensuring that you understand the complete home buying and home selling process. Using a consultative approach mixed with expert market knowledge, shrewd negotiating skills and first-hand experience with construction, design, architecture and renovation, I will educate, advise, guide and go to bat for you so that you can realize your dreams and goals.

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